Chatham closes South Beach after great white shark sightings – Local News Updates – MetroDesk – The Boston Globe

Chatham closes South Beach after great white shark sightings – Local News Updates – MetroDesk – The Boston Globe.

OK, so I am odd.  I admit it.  I really want to go to Chatham today.  (Not going to, it isn’t very realistic.) Oh, the idea of seeing a 14 ft great white shark in nature… Awesome!

Just in time for Shark Week (premiers tomorrow!) too.


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There is something about watching lions in Africa in real time that makes the world seem so very small.  This is a recording, but I was actually viewing at the time of the recording.  I love this site (  If you have a moment check it out.  The lions were seen at the Nkorho Pan webcam.  Stop by often because you really never know what you are going to see.

I seem to be unable to embed this video for you to see, but if you get a chance check it out here.

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Kudos to making memories!

Many moons ago, more than I can even recall I purchased a magnetic stamp kit from making memories.  I’m pretty sure at the time I had a project in mind, but never got around to making it.  The lovely little stamp kit got put into a box in the back of a closet.  It stayed there forgotten.  Fast forward the same many moons later to present day. I find my lovely little stamp set and set about trying to use it, when I realize that it is useless to me as it has 2 letter ‘ T ‘ and no letter ‘S’.  I  was sad, but I decided to write to making memories an email to see if I could get either a replacement set or just a letter ‘S’.  I received a prompt reply from Lisa at their customer service department, and although my product was not only well past any provided warranties (which are quite generous to begin with) it had been discontinued a year and a half ago. Lisa, however said that she would see if there was one hanging around some where.  Well today in the mail the letter ‘S’ arrived.  Wooo Hooo!  I can now stamp my niece’s full name or stamp “She sells sea shells by the sea-shore!”  Thank you Lisa for coming through, and thank you memory makers for being a company that truly cares about customer service and is willing to do those extra little things.  I will certainly be buying your materials again and will be quick to espouse your  company and its great customer service.

And a very special thanks to Lisa for going the extra step.  Thank you!

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